Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tories borrowing more and more each week,mainly to fund the benefits they keep trying to reduce,now they are going to publish names and amounts people claim.


tonydj said...

Sounds like a good idea, I can check what benefits others are claiming so I can claim them as well. Or have I missed the point?

John Taylor said...

Never thought of that Tony , but yes we can all compare what others are getting, never had any problem myself with public money being fully accountable.
MPs and councillors have their made public on a web site and printed in local press, some even find their way onto leaflets,WHATS THAT SAYING ABOUT SOMETHING BEING GOOD FOR THE GOOSE.

Anonymous said...

Thing is councillor, there's a major difference between the goose and the gander.

The unemployed collect benefits at a set amount made by unconnected politicians. Politicians on the other hand set their own rules about what they themselves coin in. That is why it is in the public interest to know what politicians are claiming out of a purse that they have a free hand to dip into.

And claiming tax payers' money to pay a councillors wages and expenses of between 30-70k does not compare to relatively small handouts to citizens who (otherwise) would be penniless and destitute, thanks largely to the mismanagement of our economy and society by the very politicians who sneer at them for being unemployed.

John Taylor said...

My allownce is set by an independant remuneration panel and made public ,I have no problem with this and I did not have a problem when first elected in 1984 taking time off work losing money each work .

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