Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dukinfield update

This weeks meeting with Police officers and council officers was very useful another meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday further information was required to help the Police and our community safety organise a public meeting to share information.

It was confirmed that the serious crimes committed over the recent period were committed by known local criminals and one from Oldham all in custody with others under investigation, none have any connection with the Holly Grange ex-care home on Lodge lane , we still have our concerns about who is living there and the management of the house and this is being addressed.

As previously reported Holly grange is now up for sale again and will hopefully soon be vacated a concern was were would the resident be relocated hopefully not in Tameside we do want this sort of landlord operating in Tameside.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

51st Highland Division Saint Valerie-en-Caux 1940

Update Holly Grange Dukinfield

The meeting with council officers and police will take place on Thursday originally called for to discuss the issues around Holly Grange, now it will include the criminal activity we suffered recently in Dukinfield.

There is a major development we have been informed about over the last few days that could mean some good news we hope to confirm this shortly.

We do have some worrying news that the owner of Holly grange also bought another property in Tameside, its not in Dukinfield and it's not being used for anything just now but knowing the owners business and poor track record of running slum properties we will add this to our agenda on Thursday.

Our plans are simple we do not want this person running any schemes in Tameside based on his past record in Manchester running slum properties with no care for his tenants.

It is a fact that the major crimes committed recently were not from tenants from Holly grange and most of them are now in custody, but we do know that local shoplifting and anti-social behaviour in the area is from tenants from Holly grange.    

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dukinfield CCTV help scheme

We have received over 50 inquiries now for details of the CCTV scheme we operate in Dukinfield to assist our resident to install a scheme.

We encourage local residents to work together identify a property on the street and it may be more than one depending on the size of your street or layout, residents agree a property with the help of the installer and share the cost we then grant £100 towards the cost.

Cost can vary depending on how many cameras are needed and if the home TV is used to see the footage a separate monitor can be used if that's what you choose and it does increase the cost.

Most use two cameras and the TV costing around £550 quality equipment is installed with guarantees by a registered installer with the councils buy with confidence.

We are aware that you can install cheaper equipment and install many systems yourself and if that's what the resident would prefer we would understand but would not grant the £100 towards one of these cheaper systems.

We also encourage resident to install extra security lights with the camera other properties can have them installed at the same time negotiating the price with the installer.

Each resident if they so wish can download a free app on their phone or Ipad that allows them access to the cameras to view live footage plus playback, systems installed retain footage for a month.

Anyone interested in this scheme can contact any of your local Dukinfield councillors , the scheme is only available in Dukinfield its a decision of your Dukinfield councillors using funds available to Dukinfield. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

This article alerted us to the new owner of Holly grange

The owner of Vals guest house bought Holly Grange its a private sale and we have no way of knowing about it, these articles alerted us to the sale, now like the city council we will not be sending anyone to Holly Grange or helping them with any funding , he was a slum landlord according the these reports ,we would only deal with genuine providers registered within Gt Manchester ones who provide a service to homeless people and help move them on to new homes.

I know some people are blaming recent crimes in the area on this home its true some of the shoplifters do live there some of the aggressive beggers do live there, the major criminals responsible for some of the burglaries don't live there and according to our latest information are locked up and others about to be locked up.

It's not just been in Dukinfield other Tameside towns have the same problems our MP Andrew did speak to a senior Tameside police officer about extra police in the area with a  successful outcome.

We will continue to demand the new owners of Holly Grange leave our Town we have other houses with multiple occupants with no problems at all from them, landlords who run properties shown in the above evening news report have no place in any town and need to be closed down. 

New Road works for Birch lane notice .

Friday, September 21, 2018

Holly Grange the facts .

There are lots of myths and rumours still out there about the ex-care home Holly Grange in Dukinfield  I hope these facts can assist in helping remove many of the rumours

We became aware of the new owner late last year and were told that the home was going to be turned into flats nothing strange about that, local residents around the home were informed in the normal planning way there were no objections at that time.

Several months later I was informed that the new owner had recently had another property he owned in Manchester closed down by the city council and in their wordshe was a slum landlord so they refused to send any more people to his property the manchester evening news ran a story about him and other so-called slum landlords.

At this point, I informed council officers of my concerns seeking assurances that he was not just transferring his slum property from Manchester to Tameside I then found out there were 7 tenants already living at Holly Grange no problems had been reported at that time, officers visited the house seeking clarification about the status of the house officers were told it was still a care home.

It was very clear to them it was not the case no staff  no officer in charge were the obvious signs, they also knew that no benefits were being paid to tenants to assist with housing and care, some resident had contacted us to see if we would help with claiming benefits we declined the request knowing that if the home was genuine this would have already been done by professionals.

The homeowners then applied for the home to be registered as a house with multiple occupants (HMO) this is normal for this type of property and we have lots in Tameside this was granted via the normal planning procedures Dukinfield councillors did object to this along with others but were told legally its got to be registered, and the concerns about the owners and the tenants were not part of the planning process.

We found out at this point that the original owner of the Manchester house who bought  Holly Grange had put the running of the house in others names, we met these two at the planning meeting and made our views known basically not welcome in Dukinfield or Tameside because of their reputation being closed down by the city council for running a slum.

I hope this helps to clarify this situation the council has not given any permission for these owners to open a halfway house, to open a drug or alcohol dependency unit, to run a hostel for ex-prisoners or any of the other rumours , anyone can live there if they can pay the rent.

The situation now is the council or any other agency that works with the council will not refer anyone to this property or fund anyone living their, very similar to the city councils solution.

Our plans are to see him removed from the premises and hopefully new owners move in to refurbish the building and it becomes a useful home for other people who will appreciate the building and any services provided from it ,we have many official schemes registered with the council that do this with little or no problems in the area.

We will work with all the agencies to see this owner removed from this area work is ongoing right now to achieve this and the owners know this, we will work with any new owners to make sure our communities are safe from criminal activity arising from any premises.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dukinfield recent crimes

The police have informed us that one individual has been arrested and is in custody another one is about to be arrested, extra patrols are being carried out in Dukinfield, Concord precinct is being attended to deal with any further aggressive begging CCTV is being used to observe the area on a 24/7 basis.

Meeting has now been arranged to discuss the use of the ex-care home Holly Grange, it is not a halfway house, it's not a drug and alcohol rehab centre, it's just a house registered as a house with multiple occupations.

W e will update further on all these issues

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dukinfield events 2018

 Community dinner with entertainment  October 8th  10 - 12 top Astley 

Christmas party 3rd December 12- 3pm top Astley .

Details of our Christmas lights switch on soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Some of our past and present Tameside councillors .

George Hatton 

Roy Oldham 

George Newton with Ross Kirk

Anne Holland

Barrie Holland 

Eileen Shorrock 

Ivy Robinson 

Martin Waring 

Alan Whitehead 

Jill Harrison 

Kath Shaw 

Micheal Winterbottom 

Charlie Meridith 

Ken Nolan 

Neil Howard 

Terry Kenyon 

Pat Haslam 

Stephen Poole 

John Hughes 

Shirley Stonier 

Bill Wilkinson 

Mrs Eddows with Eileen Shorrock 

Philip Wilkinson with Jimmy Middleton 

Glyn ,Roy and Jimmy Fitzpatrick 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dukinfield Labour campaigning all year round come and join us

Dukinfield ward labour party have 74 members and as always we would welcome more to join us, we meet on the first Wednesday of the month except in August at the Top Aslty pub 8pm .the Labour party nationally have now reached over 800,000 members.
You may be interested in becoming a Dukinfield councillor in the future we are here to help you on that journey, you may be interested in providing good community activities helping your community. most of us care for our town and want to see it improve being part of the Labour party can help you do that.

contact any of your local councillors for further information, or via this face book link . 

Nightwish - Sleeping Sun (Live In Tampere, Finland) 2015

Old Photos Dukinfield

Wharf st leading to Charles st  just off the pitt hills  Wharf St