Friday, January 25, 2019

Greystones taking care of the homeless and rough sleepers

I am now working at Greystones helping on a voluntary basis I intend to spend some substantial time with them getting to know the real situation with homeless people and rough sleepers, some of the staff I am working with are in these photos and some of the properties now being converted will be an office base and extra flats to help more people. The ABEN scheme is a bed every night now being run by Greystones with Tameside council thanks to an initiative from our Gtr Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham , There are beds in Hyde, Ashton and Audenshaw   I will be doing regular updates on my experience at Greystones.

Holly Grange update

Residents have been moved out builders are on site we don't know who the new owners have not registered the sale with the land Registry...