Sunday, August 26, 2018

Telephone council tax scam ,don't give any bank details

Yesterday I posted this scam on my facebook page to get people to share it , people in Tameside and no doubt other areas are being promised big council tax rebates by this scam, they ask for £150 to begin the process of getting the rebate that does not exist.

The ones I know about consists of two female scammers one rings you up with the good news then passes you on to her supervisor for more details both are good at what they do and are convincing.

There is no rebate its a scam and lots of people are falling for it they even tell people they go back to 1991 to get the rebate typical figures given are around £4,000 rebates.

They will target people they have done some homework on clearly older people are their main targets its important that we all let our friends and neighbours know about it social media is a great tool for this but we all know millions are not using it, a knock on the door is the best way for people you may know could be vulnerable.

The authorities do now know about it and I know they will help to inform people not to give bank details on the phone to people you don't know.

Just hope we can find these scammers problem is they are usually operating in another country, the ones scammed are telling me they sounded English and very convincing .

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