Saturday, February 23, 2013

Osborne sends Danny out to break the bad news on AAA rating

Mr Alexander this is how the coalition works ,you deal with all the bad news   Osborn shafts him on AAA rating bad news sends him out to face the TV cameras this morning.
Danny just do what you normally do talk bollocks  it will all be over in a few days ,we did build our hopes on the AAA rating but we screwed up on all the other targets so who cares get out there and save my butt.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Old Chapel 1960 still plenty of these around Dukinfield

Back row  John Lowe, Joe Davies,Stuart Bradley,David Batty,Brian Nathanial,Eric Chadwick,Kevin Philips,Mick row,Stan Norcliffe, ?pennington Mary Horrocks, ? Barbara Moss Marilyn Ford ,Jennifer Wykes,Hillary Sidebottom,Steven Richardson ?next row Christine Schofield, Phyllis Dunn, ? Christine Baily ,Jennifer Halliwel   -Wilson Jennifer Trenbath,Next row Ricky Cocks -Tetlow Harry Parker,Kevin Oneal ,John Taylor  .

Corrections and gaps filled appreciated .

Old Photos Dukinfield

Wharf st leading to Charles st  just off the pitt hills  Wharf St