Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When we were really poor in Dukinfield

Hilda Cooper Marjore Cooper Dorren Cooper Vera Cooper ,Marjore Cooper is Jacki Lanes Mother and lives in Ashton


Anonymous said...

One of your best older photographs every picture tells a story.

John Charles Taylor said...

I am concentrating on my photographs now I have more time with the bnp defeated in Dukinfield,more and more photographs are coming in.
I am told we have had over 600 visitors at the exhibition since it started.
I have visits from all over the world to my web site photographs the latest came from Brazil an ex Dukinfield lady who is working there. she lived on St Lukes Crescent

Democratic Nationalist said...

They're only defeated when they give in. And that will never happen.

John Charles Taylor said...

The job is done right wing Tory Government will attract many bnp voters, our efforts will be aimed at the Tory Lib/Dem party's.
Reaction on the streets we are getting this week is very interesting our campaign is in full swing now.

The undefeated said...

'Right wing Tory government?', they're as soft as hot butter on immigration and crime, which will be manna from heaven for the BNP.
I notice you disallowed my comment on Nick Griffin's rapturous reception at the packed BNP meeting on Wednesday night two miles from your house. Not bad for a defeated Party. The truth hurts too much I suppose.

BNP - Bankrupt Numpty Party said...

@The Defeated,

I hope you presented your cult-leader with one of these lovely commemorative plates at the "packed" meeting.

I hope you also enjoyed last night's by-election debacle for the BNP in Kent. 2.8% and 39 votes!

39 votes! That's pitiful stuff! Well and truly defeated.

MEDWAY River ward by-election, August 12th 2010

Electorate 5,438
Turnout 25.4%

David George CRAGGS (The Conservative Party Candidate) 617 (44.6%)
John Alun Charles JONES (The Labour Party Candidate) 544 (39.4%)
Garry HARRISON (Liberal Democrat) 104 (7.5%)
Steven Richard KEEVIL (The Green Party) 45 (3.3%)
Brian Christian RAVENSCROFT (British National Party) 39 (2.8%)
Ron SANDS (The English Democrats - "Putting England First") 33 (2.45)

In the ghetto said...

You're right and with the miniscule number of immigrants shipped in in the last few years and the fact that virtually all of them have no children or extremely small families, and are desperate to integrate (have you liberal nutters decided yet if it's good for them to keep up their own cultures or good for them to integrate, or is it both simultaneously), and the fact that the indigenous population are clearly all delighted about the immigration situation, the future potential of nationalism is obviously bleak.
The Guardian had an article today about the massive increase in the last few years in the number of schoolchildren who have English as a second language in Manchester's boroughs. In three of those boroughs the figure was over 70%. Read the comments, which are typical on any such article in any paper - but this was the Guardian, not exactly known for its nationalist readership - if you want to get an idea of the anger bubbling up.
When Kent is overrun with Somalians etc the locals might grow some guts, wake up and vote for survival.

In the ghetto said...

Sorry forgot to mention that 75% of people were too apathetic and sick of the main Parties to vote. The truth will soon wake them up and the artificially created, 'If you vote BNP you're a racist' stigma will wear off as the reality of mass immigration colonisation hits home.

BNP Down in the Bunker said...

39 votes, Sir. Only 39.

It's not been a good day for British fascism, has it?

Your only elected member of the London Assembly has resigned the BNP whip because of the internal scandals.

Griffin has sacked two more senior officials - who had the nerve to question his leadership and ask to see the accounts.

Others are preparing to release more details of wrongdoing.

Lee Barnes is also spilling the beans on his blog about James Dowson and Griffin. He says it won't be long before the Serious Fraud Squad is knocking at the door...

Yet still the cult like "Griffo-tards" can't face the truth; that all those "Searchlight lies" were really the truth all along.

Griffin and Dowson have made monkeys out of you all. You should buy yourself one of those commemorative plates -you're going to need it to eat all that humble pie.

Oh, and 39 votes, only 39 votes!

Shit for brains john taylor where are you on this one? said...

Mr West, does the shit for brains John Taylor still want to know who you are?

In the ghetto said...

You're obsessed with Nick griffin and any grains of truth about minor internal unrest are submerged in an ocean of bias and bile. You're also incapable of responding to the truth about the future of nationalism and the British people's exploding resentment about the reality of enforced and unwanted mass immigration and multiculturalism. You and your ilk never respond to facts, specifics or reasoned argument and can only rely on attempted abuse and demonisation.
Reality, truth and nationalism will become increasingly linked in the next few years.

£30,000 in my pocket. Not for long I'm down the boozer with it said...

Maybe this guy could make a loan the the BNP? We will have to get him while he's drunk which is most of the time anyway.

No surrender said...

Griffin is one man, nationalism is millions.

BNP in Der Fuehrer Bunker said...

@No Surrender,

I would number your supporters in their thousands, not millions. Also, polling and electoral evidence demonstrates falling support for the fascists. You can no longer win elections in the UK.

Support for fascist parties historically drops when a Conservative party is in power too so I suggest that you are in a for a few very lean years at the polls.

As for Griffin what more can we say about the sleazy buffoon? I have no more words of my own; I can only offer the following evocative description of Der Fuehrer which I read on the Lancaster Unity website. They ridiculed him as:

"a bloated toad smeared with luncheon meat".

In the ghetto said...

And they're completely impartial aren't they. More infantile abuse as a substitute for reasoned argument.
'Your' supporters; the BNP alone got 1.1 million votes at the European elections last year and at 1700 votes per seat last May would have polled the same again if standing in every seat. That's in the face of total Press hostility, attacks of every kind by crank anti-democratic organisations and an artificial manufactured stigma that, 'If you vote for them you're racist.' That ignores the accelerating disillusionment, anger and frustration at the immigration explosion.
You cannot seriously be saying Cameron is a Tory. With every passing day his PC liberal credentials become more apparent. If he were a real Tory like Mrs Thatcher you'd be right, nationalist support plummeted after her first election victory. The diametric opposite is true of Cameron, and proper Tories or anyone with similar sympathies will be becoming rapidly disillusioned and looking elsewhere. Consequently the future of nationalism, fuelled by the reality of what's happening and the British people's increasing awareness of it, has never been brighter.

BNP - A Disgrace to Britain said...

The British National Party was last night slammed for paying tribute at a shrine to Japanese war criminals.

The visit by BNP election ­candidate Adam Walker was ­described by a POW veterans’ spokesman as “disgusting”.

And it came as members of the Royal Family and Government prepared to honour British troops who died in ­sickening conditions as Japanese ­prisoners of war.

Walker was at a gathering of far-right groups at the Shinto shrine in ­Yasukuni, ­Tokyo, which honours soldiers who died fighting on behalf of the Emperor of Japan.

The extremists included despised French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen and Mitsuhiro Kimura, leader of far-right movement Issuikai, which denies atrocities were committed by Japanese soldiers.

Walker claimed: “I am here to honour the dead – heroes that have died for their country.”

Last night Steve Cairns OBE, national welfare adviser for the Far East POW Fellowship, said: “It’s disgusting. Words fail me.”

Mr Cairns, who experienced Japanese war atrocities first-hand during two years of hard labour on the notorious Burma to Thailand “Death Railway”, said he was mystified as to Walker’s motives for the trip.

The POW, who was shot and forced to work on a road lined with the heads of Chinese soldiers, continued: “What did he hope to do by going to Japan and ­doing this? He is insulting the memory of the men who died in captivity.”

Walker, of Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, is no stranger to ­controversy. He has previously posed in military uniform alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin, despite not being a ­serving soldier.

He was also investigated by the ­General Teaching Council for posting comments referring to immigrants as “filth” and “savage animals”.

Walker’s visit took place just a day ­before David Cameron, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were due to join hundreds of Second World War veterans at a 65th anniversary ­remembrance ceremony for VJ Day at the
Cenotaph this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

BNP website...

The BNP delegation visited the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, dedicated to Emperor Meiji where they witnessed a traditional ritual dance as prayers were offered.

It was the Emperor who encouraged the modernisation of Japan whilst also focusing on the ideals that had existed within Japan since the beginning of the nation.

The Emperor also wrote ‘waka’ (very short) poetry and one of his works stands out amongst others. It is extremely relevant to the visit by the European delegation, who visited Japan to help promote peace through the understanding of different races, religions, culture, traditions and beliefs.

The poem by Emperor Meiji is called Universal Brotherhood and reads as follows:

“Were we to have ties

Of affection as deep as

Brothers and Sisters,

Then even foreign people

Would not become estranged.”

* Mr Walker dismissed as “deliberate lies” some malicious media reports which claimed the nationalists had paid respects to a “shrine honouring World War II war criminals.”

He pointed out that the Yasukuni Shrine was built in 1867 and is dedicated to all those Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese people who died while serving in Japan’s armed forces from the mid-1800s onwards.

“The site for the Yasukuni Shrine was chosen by order of the Meiji Emperor and built to commemorate the soldiers of the Boshin War who fought and died to bring about the Meiji Restoration,” Mr Walker said.

“These include the Japanese soldiers who died fighting on Britain’s side during the Boxer Rebellion and World War I against Germany in the Far East.

“So while it is true that the shrine also commemorates the Japanese dead of World War II, it is utterly false to claim that it is exclusively dedicated to ‘war criminals.’

“It is the equivalent of London’s cenotaph and does not express an opinion on the conduct of individual soldiers whose activities were later the subject of trials,” Mr Walker said.

“We were there to pay respect to those who died in war. They did what they thought was right at the time as did many others from different countries who have fought in wars in the past.

“We realise terrible things happened in the war on both sides and we do not condone them. We are simply here to show the Japanese people that we have respect for their culture, traditions and values,” Mr Walker said.

“If we are talking about war criminals then perhaps we could talk about Tony Blair and the Tory politicians who have supported our involvement in immoral and illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Anonymous said...

British National Party MEP for England’s North West, Nick Griffin, was commended by the organiser of what is likely to be the last ever Far Eastern Prisoners of War (FEPOW) remembrance service for being the only invited politician in the region who actually attended the function yesterday.

The service, held at the Church of Christ the King in Childwall, Liverpool, was organised by FEPOW under the auspices of the National Ex Services Association (NESA) has been held annually on VJ day to commemorate the sacrifice of British soldiers in the Far East campaign which ended in 1945.

This year’s service is likely to be the last due to the advancing age of the veterans and as such the organisers made a point of inviting all MEPs and other senior politicians in the North West to attend the function.

Mr Griffin, having an abiding interest in the affairs of ex-servicemen and the sacrifice of the World War II generation in particular, was given a warm reception by the organisers and congratulated in person for being the only politician to have shown concern and support at the function. said...


BNPtv said...

BNP Cllrs. Deidre Gates and Seamus Dunne jump the sinking ship to sit as Independents today.

Griffin admits the party owes £580,000. Reports that the creditors are closing in.

The wheels are coming off now...

Peter Wilton said...

What a load of pathetic, democracy hating children on the last link. As a neutral who usually votes middle of the road (Conservative in May), however unpleasant some people may find the BNP at least they put themselves up for election, letting the people decide if they want to vote for them or not. That's the end of it and personally I'm a long way from voting for them. The 'other side' who always describe themselves as anti or against are obviously above mere democracy and would rather just try and smash things up like spoilt children.

John Charles Taylor said...

More new members from our latest leaflet two of them live on Glenmore Grove,six live on the new Lakes site many thanks to the ConDem Government for this recruitment bonanza.

Best ever comment on TV. said...

Best ever comment on TV.

BNP Kamikaze said...

@Pete Wilton,

I read and respect your views but I disagree on a number of issues.

If I regarded the BNP as a normal political party I would agree with you - but I don't. I believe the BNP exists as a money-making cult (on a similar moral level to a loan-shark)and think them fully deserving of ridicule and press scrutiny. Even their own members now openly laugh at Griffin and are furious about the complete lack of internal democracy, the "financial mismanagement", and the unending string of PR gaffes.

We should fully support the right of anyone to stand for public office - but we do not have to take them seriously. And if a snake-oil salesman like Griffin attempts to hoodwink the electorate by hiding behind pictures of Spitfires and Winston Churchill he deserves to be exposed.

Also the BNP made a conscious and cynical effort to recruit members and trawl for donations amongst the poorest, least educated and most marginalised sections of our society. They have raised millions off pensioners, the low waged and even those on benefits - offering them "pie in the sky" in return for their money. The BNP is now collapsing as people see through Griffin and his wacko candidates.

The BNP probably now have fewer than 20 councillors in the UK (they may have a few parish councillors too) as the resignations and inevitable electoral defeats steadily reduce their numbers.

There is nothing "anti" or "undemocratic" about welcoming this progress; the electoral defeat of the posturing BNP extremists will see our democratic institutions strengthened.

Anonymous said...

"Also the BNP made a conscious and cynical effort to recruit members and trawl for donations amongst the poorest, least educated and most marginalised sections of our society."

errr, well forgive me for pointing it out but I think you'll find that's also where a lot of Labour support comes from. The reason why the BNP tend to find support in such areas is because they are the parts that are made to feel the full force of multi-culturalism. Question - how many white Labour politicians choose to live in predominantly ethnic-minority areas???

Also, I really don't think any mouthpiece of the political mainstream is in any position to admonish anyone about avarice. Leave the BNP to sort out its own affairs and focus instead in sorting your own shop out before lecturing others.

(Interviewed Under Police Caution For Assault) John Charles Taylor said...

(Interviewed Under Police Caution For Assault) John Charles Taylor

Peter Wilton said...

BNP Kamikaze, the words utterly and disingenuous come to mind.
The anti-'fascist's' attacks on the BNP have been going on for years and increased to fever pitch at the peak of the BNP's success at the European elections last year. There was little mention or emphasis of financial mismanagement, corruption or Griffin or anyone else being a conman. The recent accusations like this, whether true or not, are pure opportunism. Virtually all of the attacks, whether physical or more often interfering in the electoral process by wholesale leafleting were based on, 'Stop them they are Nazis/Evil/Fascists etc etc.' The haters of democracy have only switched tack because the BNP does appear to have some financial problems. All this 'Money making cult talk' is simply an attempt to undermine a Party that you and all the other independent thought haters don't like.
Explain how you or any of the 'anti' individuals or groups have ever 'Fully supported the right of anyone to stand for public office.' You've done the diametric opposite and are a hypocrite of the purest kind.

Voter said...

Bloody brilliant comment above.

Anonymous said...

Was he charged like your were

Anonymous said...

You were charged after the caution then you pleaded guilty,say no more . said...

It's old news, change the record. Everyone in Duki knows already. But the deputy leader thug Taylor met these thugs in this video. One of them later convicted for serious violence against my family. Taylor is a vile little man, a gutter politician. He works to intimidate.

Anonymous said...

All your doing is giving Taylor lots of free publicity,lots of people like people who stand up to bullies like you West, hes loving it you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Stop criticising Mr Taylor. I'm sure he'd love to give his reasons for meeting these people.

Dad Longworth said...

Why meet people who aren't your constituents? Unless you'd care to deny it.

Anonymous said...

@BNP Supporters,

Your party is now splitting in two. Griffin and his numpties will never control this rebellion.

All the intelligent people from the BNP are in the reform group. The only people left with Griffin are the thickos like West, the Green Arrow and the cult-like "Griffotards".

See for more information.

Here is what Peter Philips - recently sacked by Griffin has to say.

"Most BNP members - those that are left anyway - accept that bankruptcy of the Party must be inevitable given the level of debts that we have now been told there are. However on past experience Griffin is likely to stave off the inevitable to the bitter end, appropriately enough in the same way that Hitler chose to bring his country down with him, to the bitter end, from his bunker.

The Reform Group wants to keep the BNP and reform it, based on a new constitution that has a system of checks and balances that prevents a future chairman from turning it into the sort of dictatorship we have now. A small sub-group are currently working on a first draft for consultation soon.

But if we can’t do this by legitimate democratic means, i.e. by having a free and fair leadership contest, we will have to wait, and endeavour to take the party over when it is declared bankrupt. Given the horrendous level of debts maybe that’s the best solution anyway. But how long will we have to wait? How long will it be before the party is lead by its mad leader to its final resting place in the bunker? It could be as long as a year or more perhaps if Griffin really digs his heals in and creditors delay filing for bankruptcy. So let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later so that the agony is not prolonged. Otherwise there could be another year of in-fighting and electoral failure; another year of the treacherous politico-media establishment destroying our country and continuing uncontrolled immigration, without any effective challenge.

I am sad to have come to this conclusion, which I must stress is my personal view, especially as someone who has put my heart, soul, money and effort into the party in the nine years of my membership, and put my head above the parapet many times - standing for election. But if that is the only way to get our party back, and to cut out the cancer that is presently destroying it, then so be it."

Live and let die said...

ZZZzzzz... Get yourself a girl/boyfriend or a hobby.

Peter Wilton said...

And if the 'intelligent' Peter Phillips you're lauding ends up as leader of the reformed BNP he'll suddenly become the new 'Hitler' 'fascist' 'Nazi' etc etc etc, to be demonised and campaigned against with all the usual anti-democratic gutter metods.
You're not only a pure hypocrite, you're utterly transparent.

Anonymous said...

A very poignant photo of the poverty of yesteryear. At least they had clogs, I know some from that era who had no shoes at all.

Those clothes kind of dispel the often quoted adage....

"First up best dressed."

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