Thursday, June 20, 2013

local verdict on the drunken mob who came to Ashton to cause trouble (police confirm 6 arrested )


Anonymous said...

Since when was the editor of a leftwing local news rag any kind of official mouthpiece for local people and their verdict on a legitimate march through the town?

John Taylor said...

Since 1855 when we had the first publication, and lets not forget even the EDL are saying it was a shambles other right wing splinter group are a bit more critical with stronger language.
Been on many a demo some great ones with anti Nazi league Saturday was an embarrassment, sadly it cost tax payers £100,000.

EDL Dukinfield Division said...

Can I remind you Councillor Taylor that the EDL is an anti extremism organisation. Its stated aim is to campaign against radical islam in Britain, and why you would have a problem with that is anyone's guess. Did you know the EDL are pro Israel and even have a Jewish division? They also have a Sikh division and black and muslim members. Their motto is "black & white unite" and they promote multiculturalism and diversity.

I did notice you at last year's demo in Hyde, I saw you making your way home alone through Hyde park. That was hardly an embarassing turn out on our part was it? Bear in mind this time we only had a few days notice, and the UAF presence was even more shambolic.

John Taylor said...

Its full of ex. BNP members like you and Tommy Robinson I have seen the Isreali Flags ,fact is National EDL cancelled the meeting they wanted to march tonthe local mosque just like in Hyde ,we kept them away ,resulting in what is being called a shambles by EDL and other splinter groups.

EDL Ashton Division said...

"we kept them away"? You mean, the POLICE kept them away!

Tameside Labour tried getting last year's march banned and failed, and if we don't speak out about extremism and fascism in the muslim community nobody will. As a self proclaimed anti fascist, my local councillor should've been marching with us, not standing over the road with his arms folded alongside a load of bedraggled leftwing students and misfits. It's hardly appropriate for a council deputy leader to be seen in the company of intolerant extremists like the UAF.

New EDL Ashton Division set up with our page on facebook - check the link above.

link here said...

John Taylor said...

Thanks for the link not needed viewed the facebook last week,am happy to stand where I was keeping a bunch of fascist away from causing trouble.
Will always support peaceful demos that are official and well organised with adult stewards who can control a situation ,shambolic unofficial demo last week full of drunks with no stewards and not a single leader or speaker amongst them.
What a farce herded into a corral stand there for 10 mins shouting abuse then herded out of town because the pubs had all shut down ,shambolic and even EDL supporters are saying it some want to return to teach you how to do it

Anonymous said...


John Taylor said...

Thank you for the fantasy figures, this was your shambolic demo,Monday we were told thousands would be coming then it went to five hundred then it got cancelled, dont blame other anti fascist groups for your cock up.
We started to plan for the thousands who asked to march down to the Mosque, we thought it better if you marched around the town to our memorial garden thinking our defenders of the faith and country would at least respect our real defenders , a few fireworks let you down ,but I will make allowances for that you had no leaders or stewards and the drunks took over in a disrespectful way.
I will give you 8/10 for trying to rescue the shambles you had on your hands remember these were not our words but your fellow EDL supporters and other splinter groups.
one good lesson to learn in all walks of life is when you've dug yourself into a hole there come a time to stop digging, that time arrived several comments ago.
I am sure our police officers were grateful for the overtime the only group to benefit from the shambles.

tonydj said...

Wasn't in Ashton myself last Saturday, went to a wargames show in St Helens.

The large article in the "New Charter" owned Reporter was in marked contrast to the Footnote in the 'Pravdertiser'.

But I found the comments on the EDL's 'disorganisation' interesting. Disorganisation or leaderless? As in "Leaderless Resistance".

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