Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gtr Mancherter districts all petitioning for more police on our streets

I have used this old photo several times just to show how many cops we had in Dukinfield in the 1960s this is them marching down crescent road , lots of districts now petitioning for more cops on the street.

Its normal now to be told sorry we are to busy to help you ,over the past few months I along with many others have been asking for help on Hyde market ground with anti social Behavior from youths traders have been attacked recently with one ending up in hospital with a broken jaw.

Being told sorry cant help  we have no officers is not good enough for any situation I dont blame our police the blame is with Theresa May she devastated our police forces ended community policing and reduced our police forces year on year , no use praising them on TV when things go wrong we need well paid officers in all our communities 24/7 .

We need to petition in Tameside for more cops on the street day and night take the streets back from the criminals and idiots causing the problems.