Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top of Sandy lane ,Ralphs lake now part of pit hills playing fields ,Irene Woodcock Tame Valley may queen.


BNP Meltdown said...

This Thursday sees a number of by-elections around the country. There are important by-elections in Dover, Worcestershire and Tower Hamlets as well as a few town and parish council elections.

I have seen no evidence of any BNP candidates for the unitary authorities - indeed they have retreated from the Worcestershire ward where they polled 6.7% last time - but they may have candidates for the by-elections for the relatively powerless parish and town councils.

I imagine the BNP have put up a candidate for Spennymoor Town Council again - as gaining control of Spennymoor's allotments, bus shelters and bins appears to be the BNP's key strategic target at the moment.

This parish is regularly targeted by Adam Walker - the BNP official who disgraced himself by recently visiting the graves of Japanese war criminals along with a group of European and Japanese fascists.

All BNP results will be posted in due course.

Will of the people said...

They're in a right slump, like UKIP and the Greens etc, but they've come from nowhere before and whatever happens to them, nationalism itself will literally become a do or die issue in a few years. The EDL are doing quite well, perhaps large scale (not a few thousand students and associated socialist worker thugs/anti Tory/anti-democracy types, trying to smash things up) direct action will increase, with peaceful and orderly marches and demonstrations.

BNP Meltdown said...

The BNP's intensive campaign to get elected to Spennymoor's Town Council has failed again.

It should have been easy for the BNP and if they can't win in a tiny town council ward after such intensive campaigning they surely can't win anywhere. There were no other right-wing candidates - the only opposition for them was a Labour candidate and a LibDem. Adam Walker, the BNP candidate, is from Spennymoor and the BNP have been regularly campaigning in the area for a number of years. They have recently held public meetings, cleaned up litter and even cleared snow up for elderly residents. They have also brought in teams to intensively leaflet the ward. This level of campaigning is wildly exaggerated for a parish council election and shows just how desperate the BNP now is to actually win something.

In one of his many leaflets Adam Walker vowed to propose a motion, if elected, calling for the prohibition of Halal food in local schools. Someone should tell him that parish and town councils have no say on such matters. Small details like this just go to show how the BNP are no more than time-wasting controversialists - who neither understand nor respect the institutions that they attempt to infiltrate.

Spennymoor Town Council
(Low Spennymoor and Tudhoe Grange Ward)

Labour: 541 (62.1%)
BNP: 178 (20.4%)
Liberal Democrat: 149 (17.1%)

Turnout: 870 (18.8%)

Hundred Years War said...

And of course you've got so much 'respect' for democracy you try to subvert it.
Over one in five's a significant improvement on some of their recent poor results, especially in the North East where people would still vote Labour if the candidate was dead. Perhaps when they've been a bit more 'enriched' they'll change their tune.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad result there for the bnp.

BNP Meltdown said...

Yes, I agree; it was one of the BNP's best results of the year.

Following an intensive campaign the hapless Walker actually broke through the one hundred vote barrier. Surely never has so much time, money and effort been wasted in an attempt to get on the Spennymoor Allotment Committee. The allotment holders can at least breathe a sigh of relief - now that they are safe from any BNP efforts to ban non-indigenous root-vegetables from local plots.

As is often the way with parish and town councils if Mr. Walker dropped his association with the fascists and approached the parish councillors as a potential independent candidate - someone with a genuine interest in local committee and community work - he would probably be co-opted or elected unopposed.

After all his effort I wonder what strategy Mr. Walker now has to secure his dream of a parish council seat. It'll have to be a good one as he needs a 42% swing against a resurgent Labour Party!

Get back under your stone said...

What's 'hapless' about standing for democratic election? He lost, but at least he respects the process, took part and doesn't hate it or those who disagree with his views.

Roger Smythe said...

Dear whoever you are, in your detailed reports of insignificant (if they're so insignificant why do you bother to keep reporting them) minor elections you keep forgetting to mention turnouts. It was 18% at Spennymoor, so over 8 out of every ten people didn't even bother to turn up, the sort of appalling statistic that's becoming commonplace in British elections at every level. The winner was apathy which is taking an increasing hold on the electorate, this can only be bad for democracy. If the public ever do wake up in large numbers ANYTHING could happen. All parties, large and small are fully aware of this fact.

BNP Meltdown said...

Yes, turnout is indeed appalling in a great many elections.

All electoral evidence from around the country suggests that increased turnouts lead to massively increased Labour votes and poorer shares of the vote for fascist and other crackpot parties. The BNP gained nearly all of their councillors in low turnout by-elections - and then lost 24 out of the 25 councillors defending their seats in the General Election when the turnout went up. If everybody voted or voting were compulsory I imagine Mr.Taylor and his Labour colleagues would be very happy indeed with the resulting Labour landslides.

I agree that the Spennymoor parish election has no national significance in itself. It does, however, speak volumes about the parlous state of the BNP that one of their top officials and probable successor to Griffin, has been reduced to a desperately eccentric bid to get elected to a parish council.

I also notice that Griffin has ducked out of standing in Oldham East and Saddleworth. He has obviously decided to let someone else fail badly there instead of himself. The BNP is certain to get squeezed out by the normal parties and any disgruntled Tories are more likely to vote for a revitalised UKIP than for Griffin's numpties.

Eddy Butler reports that the BNP are unlikely to be able to print and sort out their leaflets in time for distribution by the Royal Mail (they have alienated their printers by not paying them and the Royal Mail needs the leaflets just after New Year) and very few activists remain to trudge the streets for the lost cause that is Griffin's BNP.

I imagine that Mr. West will be called on by his superiors to deliver the majority of the BNP's leaflets. We can also surely look forward to more of his inimitable YouTube videos as he searches for PC gravy-train riding Marxists on the streets of the Islamic Caliphate of Oldham.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

BNP do nothing in Oldham area since we gave them that bloody nose some years ago,we will give the fascist the usual welcome we reserve for the scum that come to our towns

Roger Smythe said...

Wrong. The Tories benefit from large turnouts, Labour from low ones. John Major got half a million more votes in his narrow win in 1992 than Tony Blair in his landslide in '97. If the Tories had got their vote out properly last May, and not also lost at least twenty seats where UKIP stood and tipped the balance against them, there might not have even been a coalition. All the smaller parties lost out at the general election as people voted same old same old. The decline in turnout increased during Labour's reign as apathy took over.
If Labour hadn't cheated so much (handy those postal votes, no ID required) and without Scottish and Welsh seats they'd have been reduced to shouting from the sidelines for decades. Unless they have a massive infusion of new blood (look at the state of the shadow cabinet) and ideas that will happen anyway.

Labour Gone. said...

Labour, 1997: 13.5 million votes
Labour, 2010: 8.6 million votes. And the '97 result was basically fair, before fraudulent postal votes, rigged electoral rolls, third party 'assistance', (where DO they get all that money from?) and all the other modern 'methods'.
Labour have got a mountain to climb and only a load of knackered out weirdos, failures, a leader who LOST the vote and minority obsessed cranks to do it.

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