Sunday, December 19, 2010

Adamson Containers staff Dukinfield late 1970s

This area is now Richmond park estate see the farm house in background Chancel close area now.


Anonymous said...

Everything's Something Something Estate in Tameside now, it'll soon be one big housing estate, shame the infrastructure to cope with it isn't there. Interesting to see what the population census says next year.

BNP Meltdown said...

Auld Nick Griffin will have to dig deep into the money-bags this Christmas following an extremely expensive day in court.

Click on the link above for the details and for an excellent picture of Griffin as a Christmas turkey.

Tameside BNP supporters should ready themselves for the inevitable begging letters!

BNP staff wages appear not to have been paid again either. It really must be a bleak midwinter at BNP Towers!

Cheshire man said...

Nick Griffin might go he might not. If he does there might be an improvement in that party's organisation, motivation and results if he's as incompetent as you say. Can't see that ANY of the party leaders, large or small, are much cop, Ed MIliband in particular.

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