Thursday, December 31, 2009

New in today .

Moravians School 1950 photo provided by Pearl Dixon of Dukinfield her Brother Barry bottom row far left. do you know anyone ?
Form 2A Lakes road 1952 ,top row 3rd from the right Pearl Dixon still lives in Dukinfield provided the Photo


Anonymous said...

All white Anglo-Saxon again, oh those days England!

Anonymous said...

A shame the Moravians was ever demolished. A truly unique solidly built stone structure with many endearing if somewhat eccentric features. Today it would undoubtedly have a preservation order.

Roderick Edwards said...

Top Image.

2nd from left BILLY MARTIN
3rd from left DAVID GODDARD
4th from left DEREK TAVENER
5th from left RODERICK EDWARDS
6th from left BRIAN ASHTON
7th from left ERIC THOMSON
9th from left MALCOLM FOUKS

5th from left ALAN BAILEY
6th from left TERRY SMITH

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