Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few memories

Top Sandy lane the wall bottom left is still there Morrison's exit and petrol station now situated at the left of the photo
Planting trees along lakes road just after the opening of Lakes road girls school 1932

This lake was there when I lived on Rothesay not as big but a grand lake situated at the bottom end of the pit hills near the lakes care home.

Rothesay Ave just after the war finished I lived on Rothesay for about 8 years in the 1950s


Anonymous said...

Mostly Anglo Saxon in those days, not so long ago. See what the traitors have done. Multi-Cultural hell hole in Britain now.

Anonymous said...

I bet he would't walk up Rothsay Ave in the dark know

John Charles Taylor said...

Been up many times in the dark one of my neighbours when I was kid Johnny Hughes still lives there and I visited Mrs Ellis on a regular basis day and night, Mrs Ellis died two years ago she lived on Rothesay for over 70 yeas, is it the same no its not but is anywhere the same.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to decades of misrule by the main Parties, no.

Anonymous said...

You must have noticed the broken fence then leading on the the pit hills and the tenents driving over the pavements to get onto there "homemade" drives

Anne street planters Dukinfield

We are looking to do more of these schemes to help brighten up our communities.