Friday, March 1, 2019

Cleaning and washing at Greystones all part of the work


Roy West said...

Yes I am there at the moment I have hit the bottom worse time of my life since I was homeless in 1982 after leaving care, but I will not let it beat me. I have come to understand human misery, but if I could survive prison and the care system I can overcome this.

Anonymous said...

Lots of drugs in use on bed for the night scheme

Anonymous said...

In Tameside (north of England) they run a scheme called bed for the night every night so that homeless people do not sleep on the streets. This is an excellent idea in principle, but if you were not a strong person in the habit of doing this, then you would not survive two weeks of it.
I spent the first few days on bed for the night and I can tell you that I would not have made it through another week of it.
Major problems if you are not on drugs or pissed all day.
The general cleanliness of the place where you sleep was appalling, some people just don't care about personal cleanliness this can have a major affect on you personally.
A vulnerable person can rapidly lose hope on bed for the night scheme.
I have witnessed arguments over drugs at the bed for the night scheme when I'm trying to get some sleep, the same people coming back night after night pissed or on drugs.
One guy on bed for the night has put that many drugs in the veins in his arms that he leaks blood through his legs all over his bed and on the floor, he also sleep walks. Then they wonder why homeless people don't go to bed for the night.
A lot of people on drugs and pissed all day come to the bed for the night scheme, and if you are homeless and not on drugs or drink and vulnerable at the same time, then this can be a major problem and have terrible consciences on your mental health and indeed for personal safety.
No one can ever call me a liar because I have been there and seen it.
Hope is VERY important when you are homeless and at the bottom of humanity, so you don't want to go to a place where you have FEAR in your heart every night this is why a lot of homeless people prefer to sleep on the streets and not go to the bed for the night scheme.

Anonymous said...

Must point out that the above explanation of bed for the night does not included everyone that sleeps there, but the minority of drug users and piss heads stops homeless people going there.

Anonymous said...

The helpless world of being homeless with mental health problems the worse kind of nightmare.

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