Friday, October 20, 2017

Under age firework sales

It wont be a surprise to know that our local idiots are now using fireworks to target people and shops with them we already have a young girl injured by one of them , this week in Ashton large groups of young people some only around 10 years old were targeting McDonalds and even the police cars when they arrived .

We are working with the police to try to identify the idiots some have been arrested and taken home already , we do have genuine licensed shops that can sell fireworks ,however there will like always be someone selling them illegally if you suspect someone near you is doing this let me know these are the ones who will sell to underage youngsters.

For years I campaigned for a ban on public sales of fireworks and for us to only have licensed displays by professionals especially with the large fireworks, new legislation was brought in to curb sales and the times we can use them but sadly it was not enough.

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