Friday, July 7, 2017

Would you like a home watch scheme in your area .

The recent charity scammer operating  mainly in Dukinfield prompted to me to see if we can bring in more of the home watch schemes sometimes called neighbourhood watch had we had several schemes operation this woman would have been caught much earlier the police are now investigating her .

We also have other scammers preying on our vulnerable residents and our regular burglars, all could be deterred if we had good schemes operating in our communities its not just about Dukinfield its all over Tameside ,as councillors we can and will help and we will discuss this at our next town council meeting date to be arranged , we will also update on CCTV schemes we have supported .

Another scheme we are promoting is one that helps local residents look after small areas in their community by planting shrubs and flowers to improve the area you may have seen one we do on Oxford road now with a large Love Dukinfield board on site .

Finally the Old Park hotel on Crescent road renamed Riverside some years ago is being looked at fora conversion into flats a planning application as been submitted.

please contact me if you are interested in any of the items above 

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