Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dukinfield updates

We have a woman knocking on doors claiming to be collecting for a charity says she lives local sometimes shes takes a young girl with her , its a con dont give her any cash and call the police one tale she tells is about running around Dovestones and is looking for sponsors .

Dukinfield festival was a huge success and we are looking for sponsors and volunteers to help do it each year .

The New inn pub building  owners on Birch lane have submitted a planning application to turn it into a day nursery . 


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the 3 Dukinfield Councillors who gave so much support to The Festival being able to take place and also being there on the day (well 2 of them). We had financial support and 3 employees keeping the area clean before the event started (clearing residents rubbish and dog fouling), if only people would take their rubbish to one of the many bins provided...! We had a fabulous day and turn out but as John says to put on an event like this it takes money, so I support his request for sponsors that can spare some cash.

I am concerned about the application for planning to change the New Inn into a Nursery. Where would the workers cars be parked, it is right on a busy road junction with traffic light. Another concern is where would the children have their outdoor activity as the only place I see available is again opening on to the road, where the vehicle fumes would be a hazard. I don't think I would like my grandchildren to go there.

John Taylor said...

Plenty of parking spaces on the blocksages for now , all the points raised shoukd be dealt with at planning .