Thursday, February 25, 2016

CCTV would you join in with your neighbours and install it on your street sharing the cost.?

I am now very close to setting up a scheme in Tameside that would help local residents to help each other install CCTV on their street, working with the councils community safety department and the police we would look to install a system or more than one system in a street/road in properties with the locals sharing the installation cost between them.
I just need some initial views from residents to see if they would consider such a scheme the more who get involved the less everyone as to pay .


Joan Pridham said...

It would depend on the cost, for instance, there are only 5 houses on our close, but on Westminster Way there must be around 100, is the cost going to be the same for every household? Because it's not fair if we have to pay more than others.

John Taylor said...

If 5 on your street agree to join in the price would be shared between 5 , if the cameras covered another street like Westminister we would contact them to join in , its voluntary and totally dependant on residents working together.
Longer streets with more than one entrance and exit will need two schemes to make the idea work with higher cost .

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