Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tameside council elections our first leaflet plus the candidates,

Jaqueline Lane Chancel close Dukinfield--Labour 

Zoe Gallagher Stockport road Denton--Tory

Julie Wood Manchester road Mossley--Greens  

John Cooke Nelson street Hyde --UKIP .

We did have another person take out an election pack but he was informed he could not stand because of his past criminal record and his recent prison sentence the BNP will not be standing in Dukinfield or Dukinfield Staly ward this year and they have only two candidates in Tameside. 
This is due to all the hard work by Labour and others who have campaigned against the fascist in Tameside over a long period. 


Colin said...

Nice to see UKIP in Dukinfield. A real alternative to the Tories and the hapless BNP. Rest assured our candidates won't be easy targets like the last joker who called himself the 'opposition' in Duki. UKIP's people are of a much higher calibre.

In the 2012 Tameside elections we received over 4500 votes. We're snapping at the heels of the local Tories and capitalising on the BNP's demise. If the nationwide trend is repeated in Tameside then 2014 could be our bumper year in the borough. Labour is de facto unopposed in the area, and it's time for real and credible opposition.

John Taylor said...

It would be even nicer if they would do some work in the wards, but I do accept that the far right vote will go to UKIP and unfortunately for UKIP as we are seeing all over the country many of them are strange to say the least if not unstable.
our work on the streets all year round will take the day, and we will be back on the streets soon after the elections are over.

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