Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This is what the nasty party are all about ,Dame Shirly left office in shame .

The other way, instead of moving electoral boundaries to include/exclude certain voters, is to move the voters. Westminster City Council tried this in the 1990's. According to Hansard, the leader at that time, Dame Shirley Porter, prepared a note for the then Prime Minister

“We in Westminster are trying to gentrify the City. We must protect our electoral position which is being seriously eroded by the number of homeless we are being forced to rehouse . . . I feel that the problem is so serious you should look at this yourself . . . I am afraid that unless something can be done, it will be very difficult for us to keep Westminster Conservative”


tonydj said...

And of course the Labour Party has never encouraged immigration into parts of the UK--Oldham. Bradford, Dewsbury etc --to bolster the Labour vote.

John Taylor said...

Close scrutiny of the immigration bulge in these areas will show most of them entered the UK under a Tory administration, blows that theory out of the water Tony ,surly you are not defending Dame Shirley, she left the country in shame back to Israel to avoid prison.

tonydj said...

Good God, defend Dame Shirley? I'd rather watch Man Utd! Seriously though the manipulation of populations within the UK is not something only the Tories are guilty of. The three areas I mentioned were just examples of where the immigrant population has favoured Labour (Until George Galloway entered the arena in Bradford)

On a different note, it is claimed that Nick Griffin wrote the letter sent to the UK Parliament from the Syrian National Assembly and which is credited with causing some MPs to vote against the war. (Do a Google search). Now if I were a Tory who had voted against the war nothing would be so sure to change my mind as finding out that I had been gulled by Griffin. So why did Nick reveal he was (allegedly) the author?

It is now rumoured that he might get the Noble Peace Prize for his efforts! (Pause to bang head on wall to ensure I am not dreaming). But this does answer the question of what will "They" do with Nick once he loses his MEP job? He has effectively ruined the Party on "Their" behalf so what is his reward?


John Taylor said...

Griffin will get nothing

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