Monday, May 27, 2013

The Nasty party at it again charges for a visit to the doctor next on their agenda ?


tonydj said...

And I suppose it would not happen under LABOUR?
FACT: My elderly parents were TWICE overcharged for their council care before they died last year. Tameside threatened my mother with court action THIS Year when she was already dead!

I spotted the overcharge because I CONSULTED THE TIMESHEETS of the visiting staff which were left at my parent's house. This policy of leaving time sheets has now changed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's simply to keep away all those griping old hypochondriacs who waste GPs' time and resources which should be focussed entirely on genuinely sick people, young and old. I don't doubt that was partly what turned shippy into a killer, and it's an unfortunate consequence of a state run health service which panders to every minor sniffle and whim.

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