Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coal industry ,Engineering, industry ,steel industry , and many others all destroyed by the Thatcher Government.


tonydj said...

Thatcher didn't win the miner's strike, Scargill lost it by not holding a specific strike ballot. Instead he claimed that the original ballot authorising industrial action of an unspecified nature was sufficient.

In this he was probably correct. But his actions in not holding a specific strike ballot gave some mining areas like Nottingham the excuse not to strike.

So why did he do it? Stupidity? Bull headed arrogance? Or something more sinister. After all, he has been remarkably quiet during the last few days and he seems to be comfortably off.

The miners could have been much more effective given better quality leadership. Like the leadership Scargill showed in the first (1974) strike when he made his name and guarenteed his succession of Joe Gormley.

An up and coming young militant gains a great victory, takes over an organisation then destroys it through bad leadership. NUM...BNP... makes you think.

John Taylor said...

On some issues we agree

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