Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here it is my Christmas Turkey and yours I hope campaign to get rid of him already started UAF coming to town to assit.

Nothing from the bnp all year in Tameside well and truly thrown out of the area ex members very critical of Griffins leadership or lack of it ,the party is broke its only the European money that keeps Griffin afloat hes done nothing in the times hes been in office.
We are proud of our relentless efforts that removed the bnp from our town and proud of our efforts in removing them from other parts of Tameside,have a nice Christmas enjoy your turkey dinners .


Dave said...

More lies but what else can you expect from a Labour councilor?

At least Mr Griffin is tackling the problem of child grooming head on, despite being taken to court for racism, a charge that didn't even stick I might add. He spoke out about it 10 years ago so why didn't the Labour and Conservative governments do something about it back then instead of waiting until a lot more girls were groomed and public opinion forced them to act? Had it not been for the BNP, this would be yet another problem swept under the carpet while the public were kept in the dark about it.

As for the UAF, what a complete bunch of idiots they must be. They call themselves "Unite Against Fascism" and use every fascist method going to try to silence the BNP. Fascism is the denial of democracy and democracy is the right for everyone to have a voice, even those who oppose the current regime. The UAF are the fascists so calling it the UAF is a complete contradiction in terms, what they are actually fighting for is exactly what they they are supposed to be fighting against.

True to your standard fascist way, you will probably delete these pro-BNP posts but be advised, the BNP are not going away anytime soon. They are making headway despite your attempts to rig the polls by spoiling their votes or adding their votes to your piles when counting.

Jaybee said...

As an ex member of the thuggish ANAL, Anti-Nationalist-League, you ought to know better. In any case just what does Christmas mean to Marxists like yourself? Bragging about bringing in outside help in the form of the UAF hooligans is pathetic. Remember they, the UAF, turn out in support of accused Muslim paedophiles..... and as for your adopted Labour Party....adopted party because you wouldn't get anywhere as a Marxist....have you viewed the web's > Labour25 < site yet?
People should take a look and be disgusted at your antics.
I voted for Nick Griffin last time round and will do so again, at least the BNP speak up for the working class, Labour sold us out!

hank said...

Just saw your post, well said.

John Taylor said...

Campaign to remove Griffin from his Euro bank account starts early in the new year, the rise in UKIPs vote will also be very helpful increase other votes decrease the bnp vote that will do the trick.
A few leaflets documenting Griffins lack of work in the constituency,he will do the rest for us the bnp are at war with each other a few more bloody battles between now and the election will be of assistance KEEP IT UP .

tonydj said...

The BNP was, is, a state safety valve, an apple barrel where all the bad apples who the state wish to watch are kept. All hierarchical "radical" parties are suspect,with a leader or number 2 or a very close aquantance reporting back to Thames House or Bury.

Why do you think the State is so frightened of "flash demos" or "leaderless resistace"?

The fate of the BNP is due to state action. Remember John Grieve, the senior met officer who threatened to smash the BNP in 1999. Don't forget the mysteries surrounding Nick Griffin. Why and how has he been so close to Roberto Fiore, an Italian wanted by the Italian authorities following the Bologna bombing?

Fiore was named as an MI6 (yes MI6) asset by none other than your former collegue Mr Glyn Ford in his report on Racism and Xenophobia for the Euro parliament. Fiore's ability to avoid extradition has been commented on in parliament by Dennis Skinner amongst others. Meanwhile Fiore's Daughter succceeded in getting a job on the Parliamentary staff of Tory MP turned UKIP MP Bob Spink. ( )

And while the party desperately tried to get a treasurer who knew enough about accounting to do the books Mr Fiore had his books efficiently prepared by his accountant. Edgar Griffin. Nick's father

John Taylor said...

Tony you are the only fascist I have met with any sense, hope you and your family have a nice Christmas, you know the new year will be a bad one for you all politically, if you let lunatics nationally and locally take over expect the worse, and that's what you got with more to come.

tonydj said...

Seasons greetings to you and yours as well. I think next year will be a bad one for US all. Period.

Watch out for increasing assaults on our living standards, services and civil liberties.

If you or anyone has a little spare time read up on "Gladio" in the 1970's and 1980's. And remember this is proven and not a conspiracy theory.

John Taylor said...

Gladio in Italy motto, By being silent I preserve Freedom

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