Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dukinfield 1920s/30s Ariel view Oxford road,Foundry street,Town lane, Sandy lane area

Note the large mill next to the Queen mill anyone know the name of the mill ,note the light coloured phone box outside the Albion pub , this photo will be the main attraction at next years exhibition in Dukinfield library

Information just in from Local Historian Mike Pav   mill next to Queen mill was built in 1815 as Oxford mill ,then became know as Albion mill, and finished being called  Dukinfield mill the mill closed in 1937 and demolished soon after.  its now the car park area of Morrisons .

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Anonymous said...

This a superb photograph I have never seen before.

Further to Mike Pav's information this may be of interest...

Oxford Road Mills:
"This was Hindley's Mill started in 1815.It was run from 1819 by Charkes Hindley.The first mill was known as Park Mill. Weaving was introduced in 1828. Major additions were made on the opposite side of Foundry Street, between 1833 and 1840. The Oxford Road and Park Mills sometime known as Albion Mills were sold around 1870 to Abel and Nathaniel Buckley. In 1884 the mills contained 50,000 spindles and 900 power looms, but weaving had ceased by 1898. Then the mills became the property of the Dukinfield Mill Co Ltd, some buildings were demolished and the remains renamed to Dukinfield Mill and spun coarse medium counts of twist and weft. Between 1911 and 1920 the mules were replaced with ring frames, there were 40,000 ring spindles. The mills closed on 1937 and were demolished."

I believe that the sparse ground on the opposite side of Foundry Street from the Queen Mill frontage was the demolished sight of part of the above mill complex.

The rear of the old Oxford Mill appears to be Allotments or a smallholding market garden. Much of this must have been taken over by the Queen Mill for its reservoir complex (3 as I remember)

A curiosity:
Note the feature at the corner of Sandy Lane and Cemetery Road. It looks like a football pitch or tennis courts, it appears to have spectator terracing at one end and also what seems to be a round fountain feature. Could this be part of the property of one of the large houses I remember being near there?

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