Friday, September 14, 2012

Did Thatcher and her Government know about the Hillsborough cover up was she protecting the police force that she used to kill off our mining industry.

The battle of Orgeave in 1984 clearly showed how Thatcher had bought off the police to do her dirty work, the police paid out half a million pounds in compensation to some miners in 1991 for their illegal activities when they used horses to charge at unharmed miners striking to save their industry, police overtime was unlimited and the police were used to by Thatcher to kill,off the last few remaining mines in the area.
Police officers openly bragged about their huge pay packet and even sent in holiday cards to miners from exotic holiday paces abroad, Thatcher knew she could rely on them to do her dirty work would she have ever exposes the lies of Hillsborough from the police and one of her own MPs   NEVER .

Doing Thatchers dirty work this man is armed with a camera
Daily Mirror Saturday I knew I was correct

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