Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Government to cut housing benefit for Tameside residents by £1.9m and we have a monthly 4%increase in claims

Nobody wants to see all this again but I fear its on its way back, savage cuts to the poorest in our country while the rich get richer is a riot waiting to happen.
Huge cuts in the welfare budget like the housing benefit cuts on the way will mean many single young people with around £10- £15 per week to live on .
Today's figures showing huge increases in salaries for Britains top bosses is no surprise for me in Tory Britain    I hope I am wrong but I fear I am not the streets will be full of very angry young men.


newlabour's legacy said...

didn't the gap between rich and poor widen during 13 years of nea labour??

John Taylor said...


tonydj said...

What's your view of the "Universal Unified Benefit"? you'd better get one soon Councillor because Tameside is going to be one of the areas were it is to be trialed. (It's amazing what you overhear in a lunchtime pub, especially when you are disabled and consequently regarded as "Not a full shilling")

Remember who told you!

John Taylor said...

Could be a good idea far to many different benefits as long as the money paid to those in great need is maintained and increased,and the money paid to those who don't need it, and are cheating gets stopped.
Better to trial it and see the problems before its forced onto us most people in the know say its a crash waiting to happen, we will be prepared.