Friday, February 10, 2012

Dukinfield Cemetery last week


Anonymous said...

Some nice shots there John.

I hope you don't mind me recommending yet another filter.
This one is particularly useful in snow, also for water, beach and very bright sunlight.
You will notice particularly in the 3rd & 4th shot that your meter reading has picked up the amount of reflected light from the snow so has fooled your camera into believing there is more light than is actually the case. This has the effect, among others, that the darker areas do not have the detail that they should have.

Try a neutral density filter. These come in a variety of densities so I would go for the weakest first.
At the risk of pushing you a bit further how about trying some of the varieties of graduated filters, do a search and you'll see the impact that these bring to a shot, particularly snow shots that tend to appear a little flat.

John Charles Taylor said...

Thanks again for the advice

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