Saturday, January 28, 2012

Views from Carrbrook Village

From Castle lane over the village onto the hills 
Looking towards Millbrook
looking towards Millbrook late afternoon
carrbrook crescent folds crescent area 
Hartshead pike from Carrbrook


Rotten Borough said...

We had a lot more green space in the Borough but the council keeps letting developers build on it.
Every factory etc that shuts is a housing estate in five minutes, putting extra strain on the infrastructure and increasing overcrowding, traffic and pollution.
Mind you they're moving in from places like Oldham because who'd want to live their, it's b****y awful.

Anonymous said...

It looks very much like you have now got your UV filter in place.

Looking at the landscape shot into the sun, can I recommend a starlight filter, it will enhance the sunshine burst.

John Charles Taylor said...

Thanks again for the advice , just visiting nice places to shoot and enjoying , will seek out the filter