Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember them? some still serving


tonydj said...

Now let me see...
Bottom left and bottom right Mrs and Mr clrs Holland.

bottom middle 3 x ? and Terry Kenyon

middle left and centre...? middle right late Cllr Wareing and Cllr Piddington next to him

top left Cllr Wilkinson (?) centre top 2 x ?. Cllr Whitehead. Next to him cllr Sylvia Swiffin (?) Top right..?

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Swiffin is not on this picture I'm afraid. Also, sadly, she passed away on Wednesday last week. She was very proud of her stint on Tameside MBC, particularly with reference to representing the people of Newton, and in her role as chairman of the Libraries and Arts Committee.

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