Monday, November 22, 2010

A few more Dukinfield views and the house I was born in

St Marks Street and choir ,Robin Denyer and Alice Denyer Alice are still with us and living in Dukinfield ,Ross Kirk  Ross is still with us .


Anonymous said...

choir boys names on the photo. left to right John Wild. Len Bainbidge. Joe Outram/ Tom Riley. Brian Walker. Peter Stafford. Frank Bowden and Rowland Hilton.

BNP Meltdown said...

Thursday sees another round of by-elections with four taking place around the country.

The BNP polled 17.2% in Worth Valley ward in Bradford the last time they contested it. It comes as no surprise to learn that the floundering fascist party has retreated from yet another ward by not nominating a candidate.

The BNP have also failed to nominate candidates for the by-elections taking place in both Worcestershire and Chichester but they have managed to find a candidate for an obscure by-election to Blaby District Council in Leicestershire. The results for the BNP in this ward will be posted in due course.

In another development the BNP have lost yet another councillor. Emma Colgate, formerly a BNP councillor in Thurrock, has resigned the party whip and now sits as an independent.

Ms. Colgate was unusual amongst BNP councillors in that she had a good meeting attendance record, seemed to understand council procedures and actually did some routine casework in her ward. Her leaving the BNP is further proof, if any were needed, of the terminal decline of Griffin's fascist "party".

BNP Meltdown said...

In a previous posting I said that the former BNP councillor, Emma Colgate, had a good attendance record and did routine casework. I had read this on BNP supporting websites prior to the General Election - and like many others - I took the BNP propaganda at face value; always a mistake!

The article linked to above details Ms. Colgate's real record of missed meetings, unanswered mail, non-appearance at the Remembrance events in the borough and her sudden reappearance at a council meeting - when she was in danger of losing her councillor allowances!

Apologies for the error.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are finished cant see the winning any more seats in any elections UKIP will gain from their demise.

Democraticus Maximus said...

The way Bradford is heading it will be a separate entity, in reality no longer part of the Britain in a few years. On its current course it will soon be an excellent example of monculturalism.

BNP Meltdown said...

The BNP duly performed as expected yesterday - another last place finish with far fewer than one hundred votes.

7.85% in a tiny ward is probably as good as it gets for the BNP these days. Long gone are the days when they would have expected 25% plus in such wards.

As an earlier poster said, UKIP seem well placed to hoover up the majority of these BNP votes in the future.

Blaby South, Blaby DC:
LD 381,
CON 264,
LAB 153,
BNP 68

This is the end said...

Poor results coming in from all over the country now it will be a big test for them in 2011,wards where they have done relatively well like Hyde Newton,will be a good barometer.
Their best ever result was Droylsden when they polled just over 1000 votes,since then in all elections their vote is down, the biggest surprise was the result in Dukinfield last year expectations were very high of a big vote because of the General election on the same day.
This did not happen in fact the vote reduced signalling the and of the surge they enjoyed,its been down hill since that day and I predict it will continue downwards.
The result in Longdendale was a shock for them,its looking bad for them in Tameside many members are leaving many are hacked off at the leadership, their one and only member with any sense Mr David Jones is now an outcast, the rest are idiots, racist criminals, and convicted thugs.

Democraticus Maximus said...

All the smaller parties, BNP, UKIP, Greens etc did badly as they always do at general elections, when the public resort to same old same old voting habits. However the dire economic times ahead will wake a lot of people up to the reality of what's happening in Britain, particularly regarding the EU and mass immigration, anyone who's studied the Tories' pathetic proposals on the latter will know they're not remotely serious about sorting out immigration. Even a good time charlie like Nigel farage destroyed the main parties' representatives on Question Time on this issue last night. Parties like UKIP and the BNP may well reap the benefits over the next few years. People who take part in the democratic process, unlike those individuals and third party organisations who despise and try to undermine it, know there are sometimes ups and downs but as they actually believe in what they're doing will continue on trying to convince others to support them through the ballot box.

Coming to your area soon said...

The only thing that would wake up the complacent, self satisfied zombies in areas like Longdendale is if 5000 Somalians (unemployment rate 90%, we won't mention the violence, crime or knife culture) were dumped on them. Mind you the same could be said of all the hideously white middle class areas of Britain.

Cut the bull said...

Check out the latest horrendous stats for knife crime in London. 1002 stabbing victims all of last year, 1252 SO FAR this year. The vast majority are committed by AfroCaribbeans (what used to be called black) despite them only making up 10% of that city's population. The government, police and judicial establishment are in denial about this fact.

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