Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Lamb hotel is changing


Nice building said...

Nice building.

Ex-smoker said...

Labour's EU worshipping smoking ban strikes again.
Ask any landlord of any working class pub what's tipped more boozers over the edge than anything else in the last five or six years and they'll tell you exactly the same. In Portugal and other countries they have smoking and non-smoking pubs. It's called freedom of choice.

Anonymous said...

It's not The Lamb Hotel or it would say 'The Lamb Hotel' on the front.

Dump the short arse red. said...

Calm down Roy hes just winding you up again and you fall for it every time,its an old trick and Taylor is good at it.
Roy just concentrate on your election campaign on the streets, your party are in deep trouble and they wont do you any favours,
The Conservative will be deep in it with you come May but you still stand a good chance of coming second again, don't be a fool again Roy, Taylor is laughing at you ,he tell jokes about you in the Astley and Albion Friday nights.
You have run a few decent campaigns in Dukinfield we can come and give you a hand this year, lets us know how to contact you and when your out campaigning we are with you, Taylor must go.

John Charles Taylor said...

He will need all the help he can get, our campaign started months ago we already have over 2,000 on our voter ID, the bnp are in big trouble all over the country,their latest showing in Tameside 60 votes tell its own story 400 votes down on last time.
The truth about the bnb candidate is now out there we have done our job just a little bit more being done very soon then its curtains for the bnp.

The big picture said...

Yeah well done you may or may not (no-one really cares) have got rid of a fringe Party locally/nationally. Meanwhile the Tory coalition steams on in POWER, and looking at the pathetic shambles that is the shadow cabinet (the bloody Eagle sisters?) that will be the case for a long time.
But well done on gabbing on and on about a miniscule right wing Party that peaked, naturally, about 12 months ago.

Anonymous said...

The Eagles got the job like Yvette Cooper and Caroline Flint etc because the shadow cabinet list was 'rigged' so they had to vote for a certain number of women. Until someone at the top of Labour grows some balls and reintroduces merit, i.e. you get the job on ability, the SS Labour will continue to ship water until it sinks.

Publover said...

Another nice turn of the century pub ruined by the anti-smoking fascists, thanks Labour and the EU.

John Charles Taylor said...

I used the Lamb for many years, the truth is with this pub the two owners had some serious issues with other people resulting in charges of attempted murder for which they got lengthy prison sentences, smoking and beer prices played no part part in this pub closing down.
No party in Britain is advocating bringing back smoking in public places, for my part I had no issues with pubs and smoke I knew what I was going into, but I will admit they are much better now for people who don't smoke, a smoke room would have been a better solution.

Publover said...

Your Party pushed the fascistic, EU ordered anti-smoking legislation through despite perfectly reasonable alternatives, such as smoking and non-smoking establishments being available.

Anonymous said...

The demise of the British public house was slowly digging its own grave long before the smoking ban.

Due to a large extent to the persistent and abject greed of the brewerys wishing to promote the large trendy, subsidised vomitorium that can turn a fast buck as opposed to the 'local' with imposed over inflated rents and loaded tenancy agreements

I am a smoker but can sympathise wholeheartedly with the none smoker, as of years of yore a smoking room would have been a good alternative.

It would have been like re-inventing the wheel..
Smoking room
Tap room
Ladies lounge
Games room

Publover said...

It was slowly digging its own grave until the smoking ban which massively accelerated things and tipped many solvent pubs over the edge before they had the chance to do anything about it. Ironically it was Labour and their blind worship of EU law was the government responsible for the mass closures of massive numbers of working class pubs.

tonydj said...

wasn't Varrosa ltd given planning permission to build housea / flats around and on the site? As well as Tameside Projects ltd?

John Charles Taylor said...

They withdrew when the developers financial backer withdrew his support.

Anonymous said...

But TMBC would have given the go-ahead like they always do.
Thank the rest of the cretins for allowing the development of the massive Cotton Mills residential development on the site of the former Gallaghers cigarette factory on Ashton Rd Hyde, that should be the final nail in the coffin in the traffic flow in that area. What about building/expanding a few more schools in the 'Education zone' of Dukinfield to add to the gridlock.

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