Monday, September 27, 2010

Mam and Dad and friends

Bottom photo dad with two friends they are wearing kilts ,I have a letter from a lady who met my dad and his friends in Stalybridge and she says he went up stairs on the bus and caused a big laugh ,he and his friends had kilts  on, she says they had told her and her friend who became my mother they were in the Queens own Highlandersthe bottom photo is dad in a P.O.W. camp ,Stalag xxa45 
I have letters from M stammlager xxb 208 and Lager-Bezeichnung Stalagxxa 45 


Anonymous said...

You're the spitting image of your father in both of these.

tonydj said...

Very interesting photos, thank you for sharing them. A couple of historical notes in case anyone is interested.

The Germans had military districts (Wherkreis) using Roman numerals. POW camps were designated by this number and a letter. Therefore StalagXXa is a Stammlager (base camp) of District 20 , first camp.

Stalagxxb is therefore the second camp of the same district

Both locations are now in Poland, XXa near Thorn / Torun and XXb near Marienburg / Malbork

I have found a copy of POW details on :-

John Charles Taylor said...

I am looking into this thanks for the help.

King Charles said...

He gets the hair from his mam though.