Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SHMD bus back in Dukinfield

Back for a day touring Dukinfield.


Sick of boneshakers said...

Newer than the mobile scrap that Firstbus get away with using in Tameside.

J. Roberts said...

Good point the above. I travel on local buses regularly and Firstbus in particular use clapped out old vehicles that are unpleasant - and often uncomfortable - to ride in. This company and Stagecoach have a virtual monopoly nationwide and both make large profits. The difference is Stagecoach vehicles are, on average, far newer, cleaner and in generally better order.
What can the council do about this Firstbus situation which has persisted for mny years? Tameside's travelling public deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Is the girl the original Tracy Barlow from Ashton

John Charles Taylor said...

Yes it is, its Dawn Acton now from Dukinfield she did the prize draw part of the party for us again.

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