Friday, June 25, 2010

Made in Dukinfield

JDW Park road Dukinfield the mill they own was built in 1852 and was called Tameside mill, many people image the name Tameside relates to the the 1970s when Tameside council was formed not so its an old name from the Tame Valley.


Anonymous said...

Made in Dukinfield. Yes, congratulations to New Labour for their 13 year record of utterly failing to support British manufacturing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where all the bricks were made for the local mills and factories? Was there a local brickworks or were they shipped in from afar?

Anonymous said...

John Halls on Charles Street made bricks, chimney pots etc. My father worked there in 1930, It has now been pulled down and there are small work units down there now

Anonymous said...

More photos please John

Tom said...

Excellent blog John..
I have been contacted off a chap who is related to Daniel Adamson.. he would love to find a picture of the works of Dewsnap Lane.. any idea where I could find one for him John


John Charles Taylor said...

Man in DIY shop in Stalybridge near railawy station got some, see my web site www.johntaylor.labour

Anne street planters Dukinfield

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