Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anne Brookes visits from Australia

Anne who lived on Armadale road in Dukinfield she Married Henry Moseley(tiggy) came over for a visit this month and had a big reunion in the Albion last week sadly Tiggy died a few years ago but we had a great night and were glad to see Anne once again.

30 comments: said...

The man in this video has a history of crime and thuggery in Dukinfield. He was sent to my house by Councillor John Charles Taylor another criminal prior to 1984. Vinny told me that he does not involve the police when sorting people out. The police will already know that because of Vinny's criminal past. Yet Vinny told me he called the CID. What is it with this criminal family that they have to make threats on my dooestep and assault me in the street.?

Anonymous said...

More unsubstantiated allegations lets have some proof or shut up. said...

Joan why does your ex-criminal thug brother vinny, think he can come and make threats on my doorstep? Frighten my family.

Anonymous said...

Can the BNP man please stop spoiling this blog with his boring repetitive comments?

There are lots of nice photos on this blog - photos of normal people, photos of the community, old photos of Duki.

The BNP man just spoils it. said...

Yes but is John Taylor hiding a criminal past? said...

Here is some nice violence from John Taylor for the photo collection said...

Here is nice Joan Taylor at my doorstep hitting out at me. Such Class.

Anonymous said...

Mr. BNP,

For God's sake man cut it out - you just show yourself up and you spoil this blog.

Gallowsclough said...

What does she say as she walks up your garden path?

Would that be "Yer mental!" ??

Anonymous said...

That poor bugger from the BNP needs help. You'd think his party would relieve him of his duties as he's obviously unhinged.

Concerned Tamesider said...

Just because West's a bit odd doesn't mean everything he says is incorrect. He'll stop the moment Taylor categorically denies he's ever served a prison sentence. Taylor knows this which makes you wonder why he doesn't just do it.

Anonymous said...

That loony won't stop for years. I remember him when he used to pester the radio stations a few years ago. I suppose we'll just have to put up with him - don't they call it "care in the community"?

He may have to stand as an independent next year anyway as the BNP will probably collapse soon. They are a laughing stock and too busy fighting amongst themselves to mount any campaigns. Their members are all leaving anyway. Most now realise they've been had - they've just been funding Griffin and his family and have got no hope of the power he promised them. British people don't like fascists - it's quite simple really - they bombed Manchester within living memory and we had to invade Germany to sort them out. They left Europe in ruins and millions dead.

How anyone was ever fooled by that charlatan Griffin and his cult-like party defies belief. It must be true what they say - there's one born every minute.

The BNP will probably figure in a comedy TV programme in a few years time. One of those shows that looks back at ridiculous things from the past. Everyone will be sniggering at chunky Griffin and his Marmite advertisements and his Winston Churchill leaflets. We'll all be rolling on the floor when we see clips of his party political broadcasts with his fake war medals in the background. Polish spitfires, Question Time,the London BNP man brawling in the streets, that fat bloke dressed up as a medieval knight at the election launch. Camcorder West and his "deposits". And they wanted to run the country! Hilarious!

Gallowsclough said...

RE: "Just because West's a bit odd.... "

Blimey, with friends like that who needs enemies?

Concerned Tamesider said...

Who said I was his friend?
Try making a comment based on the ability to construct a reasoned argument. Or alternatively tell us your view on the fact that Mr Taylor will not categorically deny he's ever served a prison sentence.

Labour Gone. said...

Anonymous, the BNP's membership is 14000 plus and rapidly rising, a record level. Instead of the bulls**t propaganda and pathetic abuse I'd worry more about Labour losing 91 seats at the general election, the worst result since Michael Foot was in charge.
The calibre of potential new leaders is about in Michael Foot's league; the two Marxist Milibands; Diane Abbott and a few non-entities. Labour should abandon the habit of promoting people on race and gender quotas and start promoting on ability as the Tories have in virtually every important cabinet position. Putting utter incompetents like Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Alan Johnson, Gordon Brown etc etc etc in positions of power for PC reasons, or to keep the various entrenched cliques from the unions etc happy has resulted in an economic catastrophe of massive proportions which will take decades to put right.

John Charles Taylor said...

15,000 new Labour members since the Elections 400 new Labour councillors on a bad night for us and took control of seven councils, how did the bnp do on the night.

Labour Gone. said...

They didn't lose 91 parliamentary seats and everyone knows how Labour wins at local election level, which is why the police are already conducting 80 separate investigations into postal voting fraud and massive irregularities in the electoral register.

Labour Gone said...

PS That 'seven councils' mean Labour control 32 out of 315 in England.

Anonymous said...

@Labour Gone,

If Griffin and his BNP publicity stunts convince you - go ahead and vote for them. If you are giving them money I say you are being scammed - and a great many BNP members say the same.

Griffin is the political equivalent of the loan-shark; he targets the poor, the least well connected and the politically naive. He offers easy sounding solutions (and collects donations of course) but delivers nothing except a poisoned local politics. All over the country the BNP have started campaigns in an area, grown quickly and then withered away or collapsed. The activists start to see through Griffin and start asking where the money has gone. They realise that there is no democracy in the BNP and that the well paid leaders are all Nazis. Griffin promotes poor quality candidates and expels the clever ones - the stupid are easier to control. The active BNP campaigns become "paper candidates" only. The scamming operation then moves on.

Oh, I wonder if "Wacko West the Camcorder Pest" was promoted on ability?

Labour Gone. said...

'Promoted on ability', what like Keiran Quinn and John Taylor.
You don't have one iota of evidence to substantiate any allegations against Griffin or the ability to construct a reasoned argument which is why you resort to rumourmongering and the usual 'Nazi' type abuse. I'm not a fan of either Party but Labour were thrashed by the Tories not the BNP or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

He was the only one who could point a cam corder without the he got the job.

Anonymous said...

No evidence? LOL! How long have you got?

Some evidence from the a senior BNP politician on the Nazi sympathies of the BNP officials:

Anonymous said...

Evidence of unrest and sackings in the BNP:

Anonymous said...

Some evidence of financial irregularities:

Have the BNP members ever seeen the accounts?
Why do all Griffin's and Dowson's family members seem to be on the pay-roll?
How did a bankrupt like Griffin become a millionaire?

The BNP members are being scammed big-time.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of disgruntled BNP members here - spilling the beans on life at party HQ:

Will the BNP split? Will it implode? Will they turf Griffin out? Will Griffin hang on to lead the party to disaster next year?

Time will tell.

Labour Gone. said...

The BNP's accounts have been properly checked and signed off every year, otherwise you could guarantee they are the one Party that would be prosecuted. Every party has some dissent, in reality the BNP's is minimal, especially compared to the backbiting and backstabbing currently going on inside Labour. As for financial irregularities, hundreds of Labour MP's had their snouts in the trough for years. Lord Sheldon was one of the ones let off despite stealing £109,000 in second home allowance on a property he'd given to his son eight years before.

Anonymous said...

@Labour Gone,

Re. the BNP accounts: The BNP's funding is currently the subject of an official investigation by the Electoral Commission.

Minimal dissent in the BNP? - Nick Griffin recently reported one of his key officials to the police for making death threats against him!

Have a read of these BNP blogs if you really believe there is minimal dissent in the BNP. The hatred expressed about fellow BNP members by Nick Griffin loyalists is visceral and verges on the insane.

I could add hundreds of other links - thousands probably - detailing the sickening racism of BNP extremists - but I haven't got the time.

I'll leave you to it "Labour Gone". I'll finish by posting my favourite BNP clip from the last election. The numpty involved is pictured at Hyde market - perhaps he's one of wacko West's pals. The utter stupidity of the BNP never fails to raise a chortle!

Labour Gone. said...

There are three Labour MPs (the scrificial lambs, there should be at least seventy) looking at long prison sentences. They've been CHARGED by the Courts for stealing from the public. The anti-BNP, cyberwarrior rumourmongers can try to stir up as much BS, lies and exaggeration about the BNP as they like. If they weren't worried they wouldn't be doing it.
These people all have one thing in common, they're too gutless to get out on the streets and campaign for what they actually believe in, because they don't believe in anything apart from the attempted destruction of democracy.

Anonymous said...

News just in for "Labour Gone",

Two victories for Labour last night and two set-backs for the BNP ("Britain's fastest growing party" LOL!).

Total vote and share of the vote down in Leicestershire for the BNP and complete humiliation in Hastings.

North Holme (E. Lindsey DC in Leicestershire)
Lab 142 (27.57) - Labour gain
Con 111 (21.55)
BNP 102 (19.81) minus 4.9%
LibD 88 (17.09) - dropped from first to fourth!
Ind 72 (13.98)

2007 result
Lib Dem 457 (75.29)
BNP 150 (24.71)

Ore ward (Hastings BC)
Lab 608 (47.72%) Labour gain
Con 475 (37.28%)
LibD 158 (12.40%)
BNP 33 (2.59%)

33 votes! You could fit them on a bus!

Labour Gone. said...

News just in for anonymous, Labour lost 91 seats at the general election.
If trawling over percentages at two minor by-elections is giving you an orgasm I'd get out more.

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