Friday, March 26, 2010

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Dazed And Confused said...

A New Labour councillor with blog headings pertaining to the George Cross?

Lordy lord...

Now I'm certain that there's an election brewing soon.

Wow what a great team!!! said...

What A Team!

Anonymous said...

John please don't allow these ill informed racist ranters to hijack otherwise innocent photo topics from yesteryear. I'm sure the subjects of the photographs will feel insulted by this bigotry.

Anonymous said...

And the point of your comment is????

If what???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry your point is lost amid the 2 brain cells you process...pity the cells don't work in tandem.

I can never understand why you keep banging on about irrelevancies on a posted topic totally unrelated to your rants....sad really.

Again John...please keep these dopes comments OFF such pleasantries as photographs of yesteryear...they surely don't deserve the soap box space on these topics.

Anonymous said...

Flag of convenience said...

"Some of those lot aren't English"
"The only person concerned with race
on this topic is you."

Oh and by the way...our patron saint was Turkish.

Dazed And Confused said...

Anonymous Socialists refering to everyone who disagrees with their failed thesis, as "racists".

Well what a surprise.

My contempt for you is total.

Flag of convenience said...

Wrong, he was born in palestine and is the patron saint of England, Greece, Georgia, Ethiopia and a lot of other places. It's what he represents to the English people that matters.
If you've ever actually spoken to asians living in this country, as I have on hundreds of occasions, they almost universally describe themselves as, 'British asians'. I have never spoken to one who regarded themselves as English. The same goes for anyone else who isn't English, regardless of colour or country of origin.

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence that St George ever left the Orient, much less travelled as far west as the British Isles, yet his fervent adoption by the English rivalled even that of the Greeks who were the first to call him megalomartyr.
St George was born between 263 and 280 AD in Cappadocia, a city in the present day Turkey. Cappadocia was the largest province of Asia Minor, located in what is today eastern Turkey. It was bounded on the north by Pontus, to the east by Syria and Armenia, on the south by Cilcia and to the west by Lycaonia.
He was the son of noble Christian parents and in his late teens he enlisted as a cavalry soldier in the Roman army of Emperor Diocletian.
It was his mother who was born in Palestine.

Flag of convenience said...

Congratulations on your ability to transfer information, which may or not be correct. This is, unfortunately, no substitute for the ability to construct a reasoned argument. As you haven't disagreed with any of the points I've made you have accepted my arguments that; the said people in the photograph aren't English; and that any racial inferences in this debate come entirely from your uninformed, preconceived opinions and prejudices.

Missing you already said...

Don't worry he'll be gone in thirteen months.

John Charles Taylor said...

Dealing with bigots from the bnp is something we all have to put up with, looks like their leader Griffin is in big trouble hes just had to sack some of his close friends, there will be more now that the big tax payers money is kicking in on the Euro gravy train

Everybody out! said...

You and your lot have been swimming in gravy for decades and look at the near ruin that Britain's become. Time for change.

Rockslide said...

Why would anyone wish to point out the "Bleeding Obvious"?
Of course some of them are not English..Hey they're kids having a good time at school or some other venue...adults seem to be enjoying as well.
Project Title....St. Georges day.

If any of them refused or their parents withdrew them from the event you would, I suppose, see it as an opportunity to do more finger pointing with 'look at the asians not wanting to join in with our culture'.

Flag of convenience said...

The question is, why would ANYONE not English want to celebrate England's patron Saint's day. There's more to it than a bit of face painting.
You're right about asians, and Muslims in particular, desperately wanting to 'join in'. You only have to go to Glodwick (or any of an increasingly large, spreading and evermore densely populated areas) on the 23rd, it will be a riot of red crosses on white backgrounds won't it.
And by the way YOU raised the subject of asians, the above argument applies to all non-English people.

Rockslide said...

Nail your colours to the mast...say what your actually getting at...or are you just stirring, agitating a Troll in other words.
All of those kids may very well be English even the parents may be but look to me of Asian descent.... this is again the "Bleeding Obvious"
To answer you 'why' looks good fun for the kids to me....get real!

Flag of convenience said...

'Of course some of them are not English.'
'All of those kids may very well be English even the parents may be but look to me of asian descent.'
Make your mind up if you're saying they're British asian, as THEY would define themselves, or not.
Say what you're actually getting at.

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