Sunday, February 21, 2010

City reserves at Hyde last week good support for local clubs

I am looking for a good camera I need one a bit better than the one I have (Pentax Optio ) any suggestions or do you have one for sale.
It was freezing on the night but 357 fans turned up our manager and assistant manager came to the game city use to play all their reserve games at Hyde years ago I hope we are going back on a permanently its great at Hyde, and I bet my mate Mike Pav will be happy if we do.


Tameside Eye said...

I have found the perfect camera for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey John. Do you think the little fat gay lad will be there with a "save roy oldham" tee shirt on at the council meeting?

John Charles Taylor said...

Not sure if you mean Mr Quinn or Mr Buckley they both normally attend.