Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chance of a life time

I have been given the opportunity through a Tameside exchange scheme to Visit the USA and go to a place I have always wanted to visit,Appomattox court house the place Robert E Lee surrendered to Grant in the American civil war.
I will meet relatives of Jeb Stuart and Phil Sheridan two men who fought with distinction and honour when leading their men into battle, I will have other surprises when I get there I do know I will be visiting the Shenandoah Valley where many battles took place and many brave soldiers lost their lives.
During the Civil war areas of Tameside were affected because of the links we had with the cotton industry I look forward to the visit I will have two weeks over there and hope to visit many civil war museums and battle field areas including several cemeteries.


The South Will Rise Again said...

But they better hurry up about it before the White Man is truly finished.

John Charles Taylor said...

When I get back from my trip I will think about it, lets see what Grant as to say.

Tameside Eye said...

What a waste of money! What benefit does this have exactly to the taxpayers of Tameside?

John Charles Taylor said...

Exchange visits do have great value I would not expect a bunch of bigots to understand this though,we have some historical connections with the cotton industry and the civil war.