Saturday, January 16, 2010

More old views

Dukinfield railway station on wharf street next to wharf tavern, tyre and car wash now in this area


Roy West said...

In this speech by Arthur Kemp, what does he say about being a member of the BNP.?
About being a member of the BNP, if you hate another person because of the colour of their skin.

In the name of God, go David Jones before you destroy all my hard work.

Roy West's political agenda! Keep The United Kingdom One Nation! Support local binmen. Support our troops (bring them home) No foreign wars with no British interest. Support Palestinian freedom demands. Stop banks making criminal profits, bring banks back under the control of the state, along with water,gas,railways,royal mail, for the good of the people. Stop the scandal, 25,000 British pensioners die each year from the cold in Britain. Stop mass immigration and benefit payouts to immigrants. Deport all foreign criminals from Britain's jails. Deport all illegal immigrants from these shores. Stop corruption and political correctness in the police force. Bring pride back into our communities, no benefit for drug addicts unless they are put to work in our communities. End police involvement in local elections, keep the police out of politics. End corruption in local government, End the New Labour postal vote fiddle. Support youth, build youth clubs get them off the streets. Community involvement at all levels for local folk. Tough on yobs, not more CCTV. Once again, local people will see no need for all this CCTV, police on the beat once again in the mix, fighting crime protecting people. Advance my English heart. Roy West for Dukinfield 2010. said...


Anonymous said...

can't we just talk pictures

Anonymous said...

When the second world war started in Sept 1939 my father and grandfather were in the Wharf Tavern having a Sunday pint. I was visiting my grandparents who lived at the bottom end of Charles Street at the time. My grandmother sent my older brother to the Wharf to tell them the news,

What lies beneath said...

Sorry, we can't while there are so many two-faced ex-cons about with links to hard left anti-democratic gangs of thugs.

Anonymous said...

ROY WEST is still using this blog to spread his word . why not use his own blog ,is it because no-one bothers to read his views ? use your own blog MR WEST no-one wants your views.

Old Photos Dukinfield

Wharf st leading to Charles st  just off the pitt hills  Wharf St